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Pagan events, groups, meetings, and classes in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding region, major Pagan festivals throughout the country, and other things Pagans might enjoy.

Please send additions, corrections, and comments to: Tom Chapin - (NUMEN) - phone: 314-721-3581 or email:

Last Revised: 2003 December 4
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(IF=Interfaith;  RB=Rainbow;  RN= Rennaissance;  SCA=Society for Creative Anacronism;  SF=Science Fiction)

Regular Meetings: all Wed 7:30pm - Rainbow Family coffee - MoKaBe's, Grand & Arsenal all Thu 8:00pm - SCA - Society for Creative Anacronism - Olivette Community Center 2nd Sat 7:00pm - Pagan Discussion Group - Jim & Joyce Higginbotham - Mystic Valley 2nd Sat 8:00pm - Pagan Night Out - Truman's Place, 1818 Sidney St. in Soulard - info: 2nd Sun 1:00pm - Pagan Circle - Little Shop of Auras, Hwy 140, Bethalto, IL 2nd Sun 3:30pm - CAST Meeting - Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata 4th Wed 7:00pm - Pagan Page Turners Book Club - call 314-776-5519 or ??? Tue 5:30pm - Washington University Campus Pagans - Wash U Campus (school year) LST Sun 1:00pm - PaganUnity - US Bank Community Room, 155 Main St., Edwardsville, IL Away: 1st Wed 7:00pm - [Columbia, MO] Hearthfires Business Meeting - Shakespeare's Pizza - call 573-886-8614 for info 2nd Mon 8:00pm - [Fairview Heights, IL] Pagan Coffee Social - Borders Cafe, IL 159/US 64 - info: 2nd Wed 7:00pm - [Columbia, MO] Hearthfires Pagan Night Out - Ninth & Elm St Food Court ??? Sat 8:00pm - [Columbia, MO] Ozark Avalon Full Moon Worship (children and adults) ??? Sun 10:00am - [Columbia, MO] Avalon's Acorns Spiral Scouts (kids 3-16) - after Full Moon Circles
November, 2003 Sat Nov 1, 6:30pm - [IL] Edge of Perception - Samhain Celebration - Lakeview Beach House, Springfield, IL $10 Fri Nov 7-9 - Magickal Weekend - CAST - Ramada St. Charles Fri Nov 7, 8:00pm - Open Full Moon Circle - Taproots, 4021 Iowa Oak Clan Sat Nov 8, 8:00pm - [MO] Full Moon, Ozark Avalon, Columbia, MO (meals incl) Sun Nov 9, 3:30pm - CAST meeting - Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata Sun Nov 16, 1:00pm - Pagan Playground Fri Nov 21, 7:00pm - CAST Open New Moon meeting - Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata - Yule 1
December, 2003 Fri Dec 5, 8:00pm - NEW LOCATION! Open Full Moon Circle - Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata Yule Celebration Sat Dec 13, 7:00pm - Harmony's Flame 18th Annual Yule - (for directions email Sat Dec 13, 8:00pm - [MO] Full Moon, Ozark Avalon, Columbia, MO (meals incl) Fri Dec 19, 7:00pm - CAST Open New Moon meeting - Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata - Yule 2 (Kids Welcome) Fri Dec 19-21 - [MO] Howl-at-a-Yule-a Chorus Ozark Avalon, Columbia, MO $50-70 (meals incl) Sat Dec 20, 6:30pm - [IL] Edge of Perception - Winter Solstice Celebration - Lakeview Beach House, Springfield, IL $10
June, 2004 Sat Jun 5-6 - Pagan Picnic - CAST - Tower Grove Park
Astrological Association of St. Louis - AAStL Monthly meetings at 2pm on the second Sunday of each month. Meets: Brentwood Community Center, 2505 S. Brentwood, Brentwood, MO 63144 When: 2nd Sun 2:00pm Cost: $20/year dues Write: PO Box 16282, Clayton, MO 63105 Call: 314-353-7088 - Cathy Schnittker, President WWW:
BiStatePoly Social and support group for folk interested in polyamory, polyfidelity, or open relationships. Social meetings 1st Saturday of every month, 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Other activities planned, see web page for details. Where: Tropicana Lanes, Clayton Rd just east of Brentwood Blvd (look for "poly-parrot" sign with letters "BSPL". When: 1st Sat 1:00pm Email: - questions Email: - subscribe WWW:
Cahokia Mounds - Historical Site - Collinsville, IL Built between 700 and 1400 AD. Check out Monk's Mound and Woodhenge. Watch sunrise at Woodhenge at solstices and equinoxes about 6:30am, with guided tour. Many other activities...see the website. Where: 40/64 east across river to Illinois, take 55/70 northeast short distance, exit to highway 111 (exit 6) and turn right, left on Collinsville Rd 1.5 mi. (Don't go to the City of Cahokia!) Call: 618-346-5160 Email: WWW:
CAST (Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions) Umbrella organization for networking in the alternative spiritual community in the St. Louis area. Monthly meetings, periodic parties, planning for city-wide Pagan events, such as the annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Magical Weekend, Open Full Moon rituals, and Open New Moon lectures/discussions. Cost: Dues $10/yr (scholarship fund available) Email: cast@cast-stl WWW: CAST Meetings - monthly, 2nd Sunday, 3:30pm (no January meeting, sometimes no December meeting) Grand Oak Hill Ctr, 4168 Juniata, MO
Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions (see: CAST)
The Garden Of Isis Seeking members 18 and up following all traditions of witchcraft or Wicca. Discussions, learning as a group, book swaps, volunteer work, activism, women's issues, and promoting a better understanding of alternative religion. Email: Email: WWW: WWW:
Goddess Women Gathering Women's spiritual community, Goddess-centered, woman-focused, Earth-affirming. Offers women-only public rituals for women and children, sister-sharing project collecting items for local women's shelter. Call: Karen 618-345-2493, San: 314-416-4838 Email: Cost: events: $10 donation Cost: membership sliding scale: $25-$50 (get to attend events free)
Highland Circle A new ritual/festival site in the making near Sullivan, MO, about an hour and a quarter from St. Louis. Looking for ideas and helpers. Email: - Celtic Al
KaerHrafnr Kindred - Asatru group [DISBANDED?] St. Louis members of The Troth, dedicated to practice and promotion of Germanic Heathen religion. Mail: KaerHrafnr Kindred, PO Box 515296, St. Louis, MO 63151 Email: WWW:
Legion of Loki Ceremonial magic, social activism, personal transformation along the Left Hand Path. An official Grotto of the Church of Satan. Send self-addressed stamped envelope to address below for info. Mail: Ambrosius, RE: The Legion of Loki, PO Box 140252, St. Louis, MO 63114 Email: WWW:
NUMEN - Tom Chapin Me. Computer geek, drummer, horoscope maker, giver of hugs, sometime student of comparative religion. Publisher of: Pagan Events Calendar Pagan Resources Guide Hand Drumming and Dance Calendar New website coming: Call: 314-721-3581 Email: WWW:
Omnistic Fellowship [IN ABEYANCE?] Non-sectarian church embracing alternative spiritual tradition. Call: 314-428-2475 - Jim & Joyce Email: - Jim & Joyce
Open Full Moon Circles Pagan ritual services, held by various traditions, open to the public. Sponsored by CAST (Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions). Groups wishing to sponsor rituals call phone numbers below. When: Friday 8:00pm near full moon (doors open 7pm) Where: Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata (from Arsenal, south on Bent, at the corner of Juniata) Rules: Under 18 need guardian, no alcohol, no skyclad, wear soft-soled shoes Cost: pass-the-hat collection to offset expenses and room rental Call: 314-772-3791 if you wish to schedule an Open Full Moon Circle WWW:
Open New Moon Lectures Monthly lecture and discussion, on various topics, open to the public. Sponsored by Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions. When: Friday 7:00pm near new moon Where: Grand Oak Hill Center, 4168 Juniata (check calendar entry to make sure) Cost: pass-the-hat collection to offset expenses WWW:
O.T.O. - Starry Arch Encampment The letters O.T.O. stand for Ordo Templi Orientis, the Order of Oriental Templars, or Order of the Temple of the East. O.T.O. is an Outer Thelemic Order which is dedicated to the high purpose of securing the Liberty of the Individual and his or her advancement in Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Power through Beauty, Courage, and Wit, on the Foundation of Universal Brotherhood. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Starry Arch is a local of the OTO and represents the O.T.O at large, in the Midwest, specifically in the St. Louis area. Mail Starry Arch, P.O. Box 190517 St. Louis, MO 63119 Email WWW Elist
Pagan Page Turners A group dedicated to reading and discussing books of interest to Pagans and others pursuing alternative spiritualities. Email list and meets monthly. Emphasis on books written by local Pagan authors. Meetings at someone's home 4th Wednesday of month. WWW: Phone: 314-776-5519 Email:
Pagan Playground Open discussion circle in the St. Charles area. Scheduling open forum meetings in the St. Louis/St. Charles area, often at members' homes, sometimes at a local restaurant. Beverages provided (for home meetings), feel free to bring snacks. Email: Elist: WWW:
Pagan Pride - St. Louis A group promoting a Fall Equinox Pagan Pride celebration in St. Louis WWW: - St. Louis organization WWW: - National organization
PaganUnity - St. Louis Metro-East Southern Illinois area A family-oriented networking group, with an email list to keep members updated on groups, events, and classes in the metro-east, southern Illinois area. Provides help finding groups and teachers. Has people who can perform legal handfastings and wiccanings. Bi-monthly meetings. Mail: Kari Knutzen, PO Box 348, Highland, IL 62249 Email: Email: Elist WWW: Illinois Pagan Picnic - spring and fall at Horseshoe Lake St Park, 3321 St Rte 111, Granite City, IL Solstice and Equinox gatherings at Cahokia Mounds, then breakfast at local restaurant
Pagan Unity Campaign, Missouri Chapter The Pagan Unity Campaign (PUC) is a Political Action Committee (PAC) in the forming. It is our goal to become an official PAC after our first Pagan Congress gathering planned for 2005. At the Pagan Congress, PUC will set official goals and begin earnest fundraising. Until that time PUC is in itís foundational stage: building a nationwide network of staff and volunteers, creating viable organizational systems, building name recognition, and of course, alerting electing officials that Pagans will no longer be an invisible presence, that we will demand our rights and participate in the democratic process to further our issues. Email: - Heather Garrison WWW: WWW: - Yahoo Group WWW: - National
Quintessence Coven A coven (or Coven of Solitaries) in the Florissant area. WWW: http:// Email:
Rainbow Gathering - Ozark Rainbow Gathering Local St. Louis Rainbow group, supporting Ozarks area Call: Natrosius: 895-4646, or Digger: 314-771-8576 Mail: Ozark Rainbow Family, PO Box 29446, St. Louis, MO 63126-7446 Email: Natrocious: WWW: Pub: Ozark Rainbow Bulletin, PO Box 4036, Hazelwood, MO 63042-0636 (The ORB) Wednesday meetings at 7:30pm at MoKaBe's - 3606 Arsenal Third Sunday Potlucks at noon at various locations (call) Call: Natrosius 895-4646, Toad 966-8495, Digger 771-8576 Drum Circles: call 314-256-7393
Riverbend Group (has become PaganUnity
Sacred Womyn Coven Conducts Full Moon celebrations open to all women. Call for information and directions. Call: 618-235-2566 - Christine Recar Call: 314-771-8131 or 314-869-7253 - Rebecca Salas-Preston
St. Charles MO Pagans Email list for Pagans in St. Charles, Missouri. WWW:
STLPAG - St. Louis Pagan Community Email List The longest running list for discussion of issues and interests of the St. Louis region Pagan community. To join you (perhaps) should live in the general region and be "sponsored" by an existing member of the list. WWW: WWW:
Spiral Scouts - Tower Grove Circle St Louis based chartered Spiral Scouts circle, providing co-ed scouting programs for Pagan children ages 3-18. It is designed to provide an opportunity for Pagan families to interact with their children, for Pagan children to interact with each other, to instill in our children the concepts of inclusivity, the balance of gender energies, tolerance for differences of belief and other useful cultural customs and values as well as the Pagan worldview, basic commonalities of Pagan faith beliefs, and of course the usual handicrafts of scouting and woodland lore, aimed at promoting the practice of sound ecology in daily life. Meetings are held on the second and last Saturday of every month (with a few exceptions, so see the Calendar) at Grand Oak Hill Community Center, 4168 Juniata. Email: WWW:
Washington University Campus Pagans - Silver Crescent (Weekly informal discussion group on the Washington University campus.) When: Alternate Tuesdays from Sep 10, 2002 6pm: Mallinkrodt Food Court (toward back) Email: Email: Elist: Silver Crescent - WWW:
Wolvenwold Wolvenwold is a Pagan sanctuary, 166 acres about 2 1/2 hours from St. Louis in the Missouri Ozarks near Elk Creek, MO. It hosts a number of Pagan-friendly festivals each year. Directions: 44 west to Rolla, Hwy 63 south into Licking, Hwy 137 right 25 miles (3 miles past Hwy H), Rocky Top Rd right (look for Wolvenwold sign) 1 mi. Who: Fran, Beltana, Kittin, and SilverDrake Call: 417-932-6711 Mail: Wolvenwold, 18629 Rocky Top Rd, Elk Creek, MO 65464 Where: Wolvenwold in Southern Missouri Ozarks region in Taxas County Elist: - main info list Elist: - chat list WWW: Email: - Bel Email: - Fran Email: - Kittin Email: - Johnny WWW: Events
World Religions and Philosophies - St. Louis Dialogue Group Representatives from many local religious groups meet periodically to discuss common questions, hopes, and concerns. All meetings are free and open to the public. Normally twice a year on Sunday nights. Interfaith Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice Saturday morning tour of area religious institutions. Interfaith Gathering for Peace Typically near United Nations Day (October 24). Where: Christian Brothers College High School, 6501 Clayton Rd, Clayton MO Write: David Oughton, C.B.C. High School, 6501 Clayton Rd, St. Louis MO 63117-1796 Call: 314-721-1200 x4027 - David Oughton Fax: 314-721-2471 Email:> Email:
Yarrow Coven Yarrow is a local group which practices North American Eclectic Wicca. In recent years, it has made a strong commitment to public paganism, participating in public rituals and other Pagan activities, provided local networking, and now has a lively email list. Email: Email: WWW: - email list WWW: WWW:
YSSO - Young Spirituality Students Organization [pretty much defunct] The YSSO (Young Spirituality Students Organization) meets semi-regularly in the St. Louis area (and environs) to hang out and talk. Frequently but not exclusively the discussions center on religion, philosophy, and politics. Many have a Pagan worldview but anyone is welcome to join. Though there are no age requirements, average age is approximately 20. Email: WWW:

Grand Oak Hill Center Meeting location for Open New Moon Lectures, sponsored by CAST. Where: 4168 Juniata, St. Louis, MO 63116 (at Bent) (I-64/40 or I-44, south on Kingshighway, east on Arsenal, south on Bent, east on Juniata)
Ramada Inn St. Louis Airport Site used for some CAST events such as Magickal Weekend and Spring Fling. Where: 3551 Pennridge Dr., Bridgeton, MO 63044-2412 (From St. Charles Rock Rd at 270, take St. Charles Rock Rd north a very short distance, Boenker Rd left, Pennridge Dr left) Phone: 314-291-5100 or 800-426-4329
Taproots School of the Arts New location for Open Full Moon Rituals and Spring Fling/Fall Ball, sponsored by CAST. Taprots offers classes in visual, performing, and complementary arts. Where: 4021 Iowa, St. Louis, MO 63118 WWW: Map:
Washington University Conference Center (Former location for CAST meetings and some other events.) Where: 7425 Forsyth Ave, Clayton (underneath the parking lot, was the old Famous Barr building)

Hearthfires - The Mid-Missouri Alternative Spiritual Alliance Community support group for earth-centered paths. Provides resources, networking, contacts. See webpage for events and locations. Council meetings first Wednesday at Boone County Govt Bldg (main chamber) Write: Hearthfires, PO Box 7031, Columbia, MO 65205-7031 Phone: 573-886-8614 Email: Email: Email: WWW:
Ozark Avalon Pagan land sanctuary, 25 miles from Columbia, Missouri. 150 acres, three acre lake, sweat lodge site, small cave, level camping area, water lines, outdoor showers. Gatherings are drug free. May attend without camping on the land. Children welcome, child care available. Must pre-register, on-site registration requires prior approval. Registration confirmation and maps mailed several weeks prior to event. Work-weekends to allow work-exchange instead of payment for all events available much of year. Mail: Ozark Avalon, 26213 Cumberland Church Rd, Boonville, MO 65233 Call: Tom or Rose: 660-882-6418 Email: WWW:
Sacred Ways of Earth - Columbia, MO Multi-cultural, earth-honoring student group on UMC campus in Columbia, MO. When: Tuesdays at 7:30pm Where: location may vary, usually N222/223 N Memorial Union on MU campus Email: WWW:
Western MO

Star of the Tuatha De Danaan - Kansas City, MO Healing, teaching, and ministering coven, promoting unity within the Pagan community and the populace. Call: 816-734-5372 Write: Rhina Sturgis, 12120 NW Arrowhead, Kansas City, MO 64166 Email:
Southern MO

Diana's Grove Wicca camp in mid-Missouri. Holds weeklong summer intensive, weekend sessions, mystery school. Camping in trees by creek, outdoor hot showers, well-built outhouses, great food. Three-sided barn and permanent canopies shelter work sessions. (A few sessions women-only.) Inspiration by Starhawk and Reclaiming. Write: Diana's Grove, PO Box 159, Salem, MO 65560 Phone: 573-689-2400 Email: Email: WWW: Where: South of Salem, MO. Directions sent upon registration. Mystery School: (Magic, trance, ethics, power, chakras, tarot, astrology) (Registration closes Jan 31)
Southern Missouri Pagan List - Cape Girardeau, Missouri area Druid group in Southeastern Missouri willing to be a source of information and Pagan networking contacts in the Southeast Missouri and Cape Girardeau area. Who: Tara Miller Email: WWW:
Agora - Pagan Groups Listing WWW: WWW:
enTRANCE - Greater Chicagoland Pagan and Wiccan Events This is the only calendar that currently seems to be up to date. Lots of drumming. WWW:
Midwest Pagan Council A group of several Chicago-area and Northwest Indiana covens who sponsor events and festivals in the area, especially the Pan-Pagan Festival for many years. They also publish a newsletter, the Midwest Pagan Correspondence four times a year ($3/yr). Write: Midwest Pagan Council, PO Box 160, Western Springs IL 60558-0160 Call: 708-795-9660 WWW: - Pan-Pagan Fest Email: Email:
Central Illinois
Edge of Perception Collective Earth-based spiritual organization that holds public celebrations with drumming, socializing, ritual, guided meditation. $10 minimum admission. Food and drink provided. All events are drug and alcohol free. Drumming and socializing 6:30pm, ritual starts at 7:00pm. Mail: PO Box 1424, Springfield, IL 62705-1424 Call: 217-523-4225 Email: WWW: Locations: Lakeview Beach House - Lake Springfield, IL I-55 to Chatham exit (88), at end of ramp turn west towards Chatham, first right (just a few yards), go past water tower, continue past TRN and KofC building, through stop sigh to Lakeview Beach House. Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, 745 Woodside Rd, Springfield, IL I-55 to Toronto Rd exit (88), west on Toronto Rd to 2nd St. North on 2nd St to Woodside Rd, left on Woodside 1/2 mile to Uu church on right side.
Prairie Fire Coven Located in the Bloomington/Normal central Illinois region, a Reclaiming Tradition group committed to the Midwestern environment. Sponsors Reclaiming Core classes open to anyone. See Events section on website for details. WWW: Email: Phone: 309-827-9434 (RavenFire) Mail: PO Box 293, Normal, IL 61761
SIPA - Southern Illinois Pagan Alliance Semi-structured Pagan organization and networking system for Pagans in Southern Illinois region. Hosts outings, events, rituals, gatherings, a newsletter. Email: WWWW: Southern Missouri Pagan Email List Email list for Pagans and the Pagan-friendly over 17 living in Southern Missouri and surrounding regions. Email: - Tara Miller WWW:
Elf Lore Family Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary, Survival Education Center, woodland meeting grounds. Many events and festivals, but also solar energy, permaculture, woodland folklore, and many other subjects. Mail: PO Box 1082, Bloomington, IN 47402-1082 Email: WWW:
Indiana Pagan Resources Page Resources, meetings, events, bookstores, groups. WWW:
Pagan Educational Network Nationwide network, centered in Bloomington, Indiana, to educate the public about Paganism and build stronger communities. Information clearing house, quarterly newsletter. Recently concluded Sacred Action conference to teach Pagans how to deal with the media and the political process. (I highly recommend them.) Mail: PO Box 1364, Bloomington, IN 47402-1364 WWW:
Heartland Spiritual Alliance - HSA Monthly spirit circles for networking purposes in the Kansas City metro area. When: 3rd Monday Where: Aquarius & Vulcan's Forge, 424 Westport Rd Call: 816-931-6303 WWW:
Pagans' Night Out Monthly informal social gathering to bring the Kansas City Pagan community together. On-line newsletter available via website. When: 3rd Saturday Where: coffee shops, etc, contact for locations Call: 913-393-4952 Email: WWW:
SCA, SCIFI, etc. Although these groups are not Pagan, many Pagans frequent them, so they are included here. Non-Pagan events are normally listed in the Calendar with a few letters prefixing the event (eg. SCA, SF, etc) to explain what sort of event it is.
SCA - Society for Creative Anacronism - Barony of Three Rivers - Kingdom of Colontir Group promoting knowledge and enjoyment of Medieval and Renaissance culture. Local chapter meets on Thursday evenings at Sunnen Community Center off Olive. When: Thursday, 8pm (fighting practice at 6:30) Where: Olivette Community Center (Olive St., north on Warson, east on Grandview to community center) Mail: Barony of Three Rivers, PO Box 140094, St. Louis MO 63114-0094 WWW: Email: see also: Barony of Shattered Crystal - Belleville, IL When: Tuesdays, Chuck Wagon, Fairview Hts WWW:>
SF - SCSFFS- St. Charles Science Fiction/Fantasy Society Call: 314-771-8336 (Roy Burkhart) Mail: PO Box 575, St. Charles, MO 63302 Email: Email: see also: - Name That Con - Randy's SF Page - Local Index
UAC - United Astrology Conference Astrological congress meets every three years. This is the biggie, uniting NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN, and all the leading lights are there. UAC 2002: Where: Wyndham Palace Resort, Orlando, FL - 866-230-4040 Email: WWW: Phone: 866-330-4040 - toll free UAC's three constituent organizations are: AFAN: ISAR: NCGR:
FESTIVALS (Occasionally information for upcoming events is not available until shortly before the event, so I usually leave in information for the previous event, since contact information is frequently the same.) Some are not especially Pagan, but are worth checking out.
Burning Man - Gerlach, Nevada A truly unique festival, held out in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, near Winnemucca. Check it out. Tickets rise in price as event nears. Tickets sold only in advance, none available at the gate. Go to the website, then get on the mailing list to get early notice of tickets. You must bring everything you will need during the event. When: Mon Aug 25 - Mon Sep 1, 2003 WWW:
ConVocation Workshops, rituals, music. Con format. When: Thu Feb 20-23, 2002 Where: Northfield Hilton, Troy, Michegan Cost: $50 in advance, $60 at door Write: Magickal Education Council, PO Box 431309, Pontiac, MI 48343-1309 (request packet) Call: 248-544-8086 (after 11am) Email: WWW:
DragonDance - Southern Missouri - Ozarks Region Music, rituals, workshops, drumming, dancing, bonfires, networking, bardic circles, natural oak showers and stage, children's activities, vendors, and beautiful scenery in the Southren Ozarks region of Missouri . 2003: When: 2003: Wed May 4-8 (8am-10pm gates) Where: Wolvenwold in Southern Missouri Ozarks region in Taxas County Elist: - main info list Elist: - chat list WWW: Email: - Bel Email: - Fran Email: - Kittin Email: - Johnny
Dragonfest - near Denver CO Annual Neo-Pagan festival in the Colorado Rockies, a couple hours from Denver. Primitive camping beside mountain lake at 8000 ft altitude. Alcohol permitted, but firearms and illegal drugs aren't. Rituals, workshops, kids and teens programs, bardic circle, merchants, kitchen serving breakfast and beverages. Limit 700 people. Must preregister by July 10, no at-gate registrations. Must mail or email registration. When: early August Cost: about $50 adults, less for younger Mail: Dragonfest, PO Box 101284, Denver CO 50-1284 (required to register) Phone: 303-628-4662 (voicemail) (but cannot register by phone) Email: - general info WWW:
Earth Day - St. Louis, MO Environmental education and celebration. Live music on two stages, 100+ exhibitors, vegetarian food, earth art, technology exhibit, interfaith exhibit. When: Sun, April 27, 2003 Where: various Who: Sponsored by " - Earth Share of Missouri" Email: WWW:
Fall Ball CAST - St. Louis, MO Parties held annually in the spring and fall as fundraisers for CAST, with entertainment, drumming, food and refreshments, making contacts, and fun, all for $10 for the evening. Beer, soda, and food provided. All ages welcome, but must be over 21 to consume alcohol. 2002 Fall Ball: Theme: ??? When: Sat Oct 12, 2002, 8pm - 1am Where: Taproots School of the Arts, 4021 Iowa St. Cost: $10 cover charge for CAST member, $15 for couples Age: strict carding for alcohol Email: - Gabby
First Night St. Louis - St. Louis, MO "A magical celebration of New Year's Eve through the arts." (Most of these folks probably don't even realize they've created a Pagan celebration.) Music, dance, theatre, visual arts, interactive New Year's rituals, 500 artists, children's interactive activities. Free shuttle service. When: December 31 Where: All along Washington Avenue in downtown Cost: $10, children 3 and under free, tickets available late November
Heartland Pagan Festival - near Kansas City KS Festival promoting appreciation and acceptance of alternative religions and philosophies. 168 acres, a few flush toilets and port-a-potties, special areas for kids. Workshops, rituals, bardic, drumming, and music circles, silent auction. Theme: 2003: Dancing on the Sacred Path When: Memorial Day Weekend Where: Gaea Retreat: 45 mi nw of Kansas City, KN, map sent when register Cost: $70-100(gate) adults, less for kids, meal plan extra Call: 816-391-9578 Call: 913-796-2141 Camp Gaea Onsite Ofc (during events) Mail: PO Box 3407, Kansas City, KS 66103 Email: WWW: WWW: Camp Gaea Retreat Center Write: Heartland Spiritual Alliance, PO Box 3407, Kansas City KS 66103
Invocation Conference - Midwest Pagan Council - Lisle, IL near Chicago Conference sponsored by the Midwest Pagan Council of Chicago. Setup much like SciFi Con. Vendors, art show, auction, Con-suites, rituals, drumming, workshops, guest authors. When: Oct 17-19, 2003 Where: Hickory Ridge Conference Center, Lisle IL 60532 (near Interstate 88 & IL Rte 53) (800-233-1234 $65/nite,1 to 4) Cost: $55 ($35 pre-registration by 2003-SEP-01) Call: 708-795-9660 (no collect calls, please) WWW: Mail: PO Box 160, Western Springs, IL 60558-0160 Email: Email:
LifeSong and Balefiles of Beltane (BOB) - Diana's Grove - midstate MO LifeSong Coven is no more, due to moves and career changes, and the festivals are in transition. See Pomegranate and Spirit Rising for offshoots. And now see FateSpin at
Lothlorien Elf Fest Long time Pagan Folk Festival, near Needmore, Indiana. When: extended Memorial Day week Where: Near Needmore, Indiana Email: WWW:
Magickal Weekend Weekend of rituals, workshops, discussions, lectures, vendors, food & spirits, drumming, networking, partying. Annual event for many years. 2002 Theme - Back to the Future When: Fri, Nov 7 - Sun, Nov 9, 2003 Where: Ramada Inn St. Louis Airport, 3551 Pennridge Dr., Bridgeton, MO 314-291-1307 ??(rooms $59 per night plus tax) (can ask for vendors or party block if applicable) Cost: ??$30 if preregister by ????, $35 at door ($5 CAST member discount) Call: 314-772-3791 (Zo) WWW: Email: - Zo
Merrymeet - Covenant of the Goddess Annual Festival - location changes yearly Festival held with annual Grand Council of Covenant of the Goddess. Rituals, workshops, discussion groups, concerts. Childcare and transportation available. Pre-register. When: Fri Aug 23-26, 2001 Where: Ramada Inn, Dallas, TX Cost: (see webpage for package prices for up to four people for up to four nights) Email: WWW:
Pagan Picnic - St. Louis Pagan Picnic Largest Pagan event in the St. Louis Area. Rituals, workshops, discussion groups, drumming, potluck dinner, raffles, vendors, networking, fun! Everybody is welcome. Expecting over 2000 people, this is the best way to network with the local Pagan community. If you can help out, please volunteer by calling the folks below. (Sorry, can't camp overnight in the park. Garb welcome, but no athames, drugs, alcohol.) When: Sat & Sun, May 30-June 1, 2003, 10am to dark When: Sat & Sun, June 5-June 6, 2004, 10am to dark; Theme: Discovering Spiritual Frontiers Where: Tower Grove Park, near Magnolia & Grand Cost: Free, but please bring can of food for Operation Foodsearch Phone: 314-428-2475 - Jim Higginbotham Email: WWW:
Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) - Wisteria, southeast Ohio Festival celebrating Summer Solstice and Pagan culture. Rituals, workshops, drumming, dancing, marketplace, discussions, community building. Rustic, private area, clothes optional & ritual garb ok, tenting normal, no electrical hookups, bring own food or meal plan, special drumming area (but some restrictions will apply). When: June 15-22, 2003 Where: Wisteria campground in southeastern Ohio, near Athens OH Call: 608-924-2216 (M-F 1-4pm) Cost: $170 age 18 up, less for younger Write: PSG, c/o Circle, PO Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 USA Email: WWW:
Pan-Pagan Fest - northern IN Northern Indiana, near Knox. Workshops, programs, rituals, merchants, Saturday evening feast, drumming, amateur talent show, and more. $15 rebate for 2 hours service. Families very welcome, note family plan rates. Preregister by July 10, 2003. When: August 6-10, 2003 Write: Midwest Pagan Council, PO Box 160, Western Springs IL 60558-0160 SASE for more info Call: 708-795-9660 (no collect calls, please) Cost: $80 at gate ($65 pre-reg by July 10, less for kids, families) $4/night ($2/kids) each for early/late stays WWW: Email: Email:
Pomegranate Festival Pomegranate fills the void left by the end of Lifesong and Balefires of Beltane. A mini-intentional community, Held at Diana's Grove. Workshops, Sing for Your Supper, rituals. Limit 100 people, so please preregister early. 2002: Swimming to the Other Side "Shared pain is diminished, shared joy is increased. Thus do we refute entropy." --Pat Humphries When: Labor Day Weekend Email: WWW:
Rainbow Gathering Planned consensus anarchy, camping under primitive conditions with long hikes to get there, trench toilets, alternative medicine, many workshops, drum circles that go on for days, tens of thousands of people,pray for peace, celebrate diversity, a total trip. Mail: ALL WAYS FREE, PO Box 215, Dillard, OR 97432 [for Gathering] Mail: The Rainbow Guide, PO Box 1016, Hackensack, NJ 07602-1016 Email: WWW: (Rainbow Welcome Home Page) WWW: - Missouri Rainbow Family Usenet: alt.gathering.rainbow 2002: July 1 - July 7, Great Lakes area (Wisconsin, Minnesota) World Rainbow Gathering: TBA Email:
Spirit Rising Annual retreat celebrating creativity, offering space and community to dance, paint, draw, drum, sing, write, and breathe creative notions. Reconnect with the creator that lives within, and work as community to weave creativity into life. (Limited to 50 people. For adults 18 and over. Diana's Grove meals for $6.50 per meal.) When: May 3-6, 2001 Where: Diana's Grove - southern Missouri, near Mark Twain National Forest Cost: $65 for test camping, $80 for cabin (All registrations postmarked by April 15.) Write: Spirit Rising, 1933 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104 Phone: 314-436-4563 - Maya (before 10pm) Email:
Spring Fling Parties held annually in the spring and fall as fundraisers for CAST, with entertainment, drumming, food and refreshments, making contacts, and fun, all for $10 for the evening. Entertainment, food, and drinks provided. 2001: With Mme Vargas and the Painted Ladies and the Kilt Tilters When: Sat Apr 13, 2002, 8pm - 1am Where: Ramada Inn St. Louis Airport - 3551 Pennridge Dr, Bridgeton, MO Cost: $10 cover charge per person, $15 for couples in advance, a bit extra at the door Age: Open to all ages, but strict carding for alcohol Phone: 618-377-5126 - Gabby Email: - Gabby WWW:
Starwood Festival - western NY, near Erie PA Annual New Age festival in New York State, featuring many classes, workshops, music and dance, poetry and film, and a huge bonfire the size of a house. Attracts a cast of stars. Highly recommended, as is anything happening at Brushwood Folklore Center, a few miles from where I grew up. When: July 22-28, 2002 Where: Brushwood Folklore Center, 8881 Bailey Hill Rd, Sherman NY (716-761-6750) (30 mins east of Erie, PA) Cost: $190 at door, less early, child discounts Who: A.C.E. - Association for Consciousness Exploration Call: 216-932-5421, or 800-446-4962 Email: WWW: WWW: - Brushwood Folklore Center
Trothmoot - Asatru festival - southern IN Workshops, blottar, sumbels, Seidr, Viking games, merchants, mead tastings, craft faire, family/children's activities. Attendance limited to 120. When: Thu May 31-6/2, 2001 Where: Lincoln State Park, near Lincoln City, IN (near Louisville, KY) Cost: $35/person, $40/family (preregistration advised) Mail: Ring of Troth, PO Box 441308, Indianapolis, IN 46244 Email: WWW:
Winterstar - Delroy, OH, near Cleveland Workshops, rituals, magic, shamanism, music, drumming, dancing, partying. Stay in luxury resort cottages. Expecting Wavy Gravy, Phyllis Curott, Rev. Ivan Stang, Priestess Miriam, and many more. When: Feb 28-Mar 3, 2002 Where: Atwood Lake Resorts, 2650 Lodge Rd. Delroy, Oh, near Cleveland: 800-362-6406 Cost: $75-85 (lower by Feb 4 and if ACE member) + room ($40-105) Who: A.C.E. - Association for Consciousness Exploration Write: ACE, 1643 Lee Road #9, Cleveland Heights, OH 44110 Call: 216-932-5421, or 800-446-4962 Email: Email: WWW:
MAJOR FESTIVAL SITES Here are some places where you can nearly always find something going on...
Brushwood - Near Erie, PA WWW:
Diana's Grove - central Missouri WWW:
Four Quarters Farm - near Artemis, PA WWW:
Gaea Retreat Center - near Kansas City, KS Call: 816-931-4443 (Business); 913-796-2141 (onsite); 913-796-0100 (payphone) Mail: Earth Rising, PO Box 10442, Kansas City, MO 64171-0442 WWW:
Lothlorien - Elf Lore Family - near Needmore, IN, near Bloomington, IN WWW:
Ozark Avalon - near Columbia, Missouri WWW: Email:
WolvenWold - Southern Missouri Where: Wolvenwold in Southern Missouri Ozarks region in Taxas County Elist: - main info list Elist: - chat list WWW: Email: - Bel Email: - Fran Email: - Kittin Email: - Johnny
SCA, SCIFI, etc. These festivals are not Pagan, but you can find many Pagans at them...
REN - Bristol Renaissance Faire - southeast WI Large Renaissance fair held annually. When: Weekends from end of Jun through Aug Cost: $13 adults Where: Route I94 between Chicago and Milwaukee. Take Russel Road exit just north of border between IL and WI, go west a mile or so, look for signs and traffic WWW:
REN - Hamlet of Mid-Missouri Renaissance Festival Mid-June Ren Fest held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds with a Celtic Highlands theme. When: June 15-16, 2002 10am-9pm Sat, 10am-6pm Sun Where: Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, Missouri Cost: $8 adults, kids (4-12) & seniors (60+) $5, 3 and under free Who: Celtic Fire Productions, Melissa Alexander & Stacy Robb - 660-568-3586, 660-335-6690 WWW:
REN - Kansas City, Kansas, Renaissance Festival Annual recreation of 16th century English village, with authentic tournaments, entertainment, arts and crafts. 15 acre site 15 minutes from Kansas City, KS, 150 artisans, 170 booths, 12 stages, flush toilets available. When: Weekends September through mid-October, 10am - 6:30pm (Labor Day thru Columbus Day) Where: 628 N 126 St., Bonner Springs, KS 15 miles west of Kansas City, off I-70 at Bonner Springs, north 1/2 mi Cost: $13.95 at gate, less in advance, less for kids/seniors/passes Call: 800-373-0357 Mail: 207 Westport Rd, Ste 206, Kansas City, MO 64111-2275 WWW: Email:
REN - Greater St. Louis Renaissance - Wentzville, MO A new rennaissance faire in the St. Louis area in Rotary Park in Wentzville. Recreating the spirit of 16th Centure Renaissance France. Entertainers, merchants, Jousting. When: Weekends May 11-27, 2002 10am-6pm Where: Rotary Park (newpart), Wetnzville, MO (I-70 & US 40) (I-70 west, Pearce Blvd exit 208 north, Meyer Rd west, follow signs to Rotary Park) Cost: $10 adult, $8 student, $6 children Phone: 636-913-1643 - Doug Glenn - Inquiries Email: - Inquiries Email: - Vendors Email: - Entertainment Email: - Volunteers WWW:
SCA - Censored [Drunken] Mammoth - Canton of Riverhold - central MO Melee tourney, archery, competitions, meat-heavy feasting, swimming, primitive camping, merchants. When: Sep 25, 1999 Where: Cedar Rapids, IA Write: ??Lord Dave the Mythical, 3602 E Four Ridge Rd, Imperial, MO 63052 Cost: ??$5 site fee, $6 feast fee, kids 6-12 $2.50 $3 feast, under 6 free Checks payable to: SCA Inc. Canton of Riverhold
SCA - Lilies War - Kingdom of Calontir 2001 - Kansas City KS The Kingdom of Calontir invites the Known World to join in a friendly War in the heartland of the Known World. Note that in fair Calontir all battles begin in the cool of the evening. "So much like a vacation you might not realize it's a war." Along with Tourneys, classes, hospitality, and lots of parties. When: June 8-17, 2001 Where: Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, Smithville, MO (northeast of Kansas City, MO) WWW:
SCA - Pennsic War - northwest PA, near Slippery Rock Annual SCA war, draws some 10,000 people. When: Aug 2-18, 2002 Where: Coopers Lake Campground, 205 Currie Rd., Slippery Rock, PA 16057 (I-80 or PA Tpk to I-79 to Rte 422 west 1 mi, Currie Rd right 1 mi to Coopers Lake) Cost: $80-$100 adult, depending on membership/registration date, less for kids WWW: Email:
SF - ARCHON 27 - St. Louis SF & Fantasy Convention 2002 More literary CON, expect about 1800-2000 folks. Panels, seminars, readings, masquerades, art show & auction, dealers, gaming, childrens programming. When: Oct 2-5, 2002 Where: Collinsville, IL, Gateway Convention Center Rooms: Holiday Inn 1000 Eastport Plaza Dr. (reservations: 800-551-5133) Call: Rich & Michelle Zellich - 314-326-3026 Mail: Archon 26, PO Box 8387, St. Louis, MO 63132-8387 Email: WWW:
SF- Gateway - St. Louis SF Con When: July 6-8, 2001 Where: Airport Hilton, 10330 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis, MO (314-426-5500) Cost: $60 at door, less in advance Mail: Gateway SCIFI Con, PO Box 3064, Florissant, MO 63032 Email: WWW:
SF - Name-That-Con - St. Louis SF Con Traditional Science Fiction and Fantasy convention for the whole family with panels, author readings and book signings, gaming, art show and auction, dealers, kid's activities, parties, masquerade contest, hospitality suites. When: May 10-12, 2002 Where: Inn Six Flags, Eureka, MO Cost: $30 at door, $25 before Feb 1, 2001, kids less, under 5 free Email: WWW: WWW:
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